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Invasive Plant Control Without Chemicals

Webinar replay from July 14, 2024


BittersweetPersistent, Relentless, Tenacious…such are the words we deploy to describe our nemesis weeds and invasive species. Non-native plants colonize degraded landscapes and overtake native species, robbing the area of critical ecosystem services. These exotic plants spread rampantly when they are free of natural checks and balances found in their native range.  A handful of high-impact, aggressive non-natives can affect soil health, biodiversity, and even land access. Who wants to hack their way through a tangle of unyielding multi-flora rose, common buckthorn, and Oriental bittersweet? Rather than turning to chemical options, we too can draw upon Persistence, Relentlessness, and Tenacity to control these invasive plants.

In this webinar, Mike Bald will describe methods for managing invasive plant species without chemicals.  He’ll also outline a year-end work plan of important tasks setting the stage for the next growing season. Some invasive species covered will include:

  • Japanese Knotweed
  • Glossy Buckthorn
  • Wild Parsnip
  • Multi-flora Rose
  • Oriental Bittersweet

Mike Bald has worked with invasive species since 2003 and founded his company (Got Weeds?) in early 2011. Got Weeds? is a Vermont company that uses manual and non-synthetic control methods to eradicate, contain, or suppress non-native, invasive plants. Mike believes that fine-tuned ecosystems can be protected with vigilance, persistence, patience, education, humility, respect, and cooperation. Mike’s focus is on long-term site stewardship, soil health, native plant diversity, and education of landowners. Cooperation across multiple ownerships is also crucial to the control effort. Mike appreciates the importance of healthy habitats, site specificity, and ecosystem resilience; his goal with the treatment programs at Got Weeds? is to demonstrate (with comprehensive documentation) that manual/mechanical methods can succeed over extended timeframes.

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