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Growing Your Business: Understanding Gender and Power to Increase Sales

Webinar replay from April 13, 2024


Presented by Beatrice Stonebanks

There are basic differences between Men and Women, in their brains and in their buying styles. If you know the differences, you can use them to your advantage.

Gender is a hot topic and a powerful, respect-based conversation. Learn how to dominate without being domineering, how to be submissive without being subservient. Learn powerful tactics to use during meetings with peers, management and prospects to conduct and close business in an open, straightforward and passionate way, getting the results you want while delivering the satisfying feel-good experience they want.


– Why and how gender works best in business

– How to figure out what you really want, and how to ask for it, every time

– Closing skills that work – Asking for the close is easier than you think

About the presenter

Beatrice Stonebanks is a Sales Management Consultant who believes real success is about taking a look at what-works and what-doesn’t-work on a company’s sales team, getting egos out of the way and under-performers off the team.

After attending State University of NY as a horticulture and business double major, Beatrice spent 8 years running the crews who implemented her residential landscape designs on Long Island. Her last design of note was for commercial property owners of Pindar Vineyards in Suffolk County, NY. She went on to become a stock broker for another 8 years in the financial sector before combining the two and focusing in her current area of expertise: business development. She sits on the board for her local USGBC chapter as Communications Chair and is committed to a low carbon footprint personally and professionally.

Raising the bar and reaping the benefits, leading by example using straightforward communication and bleeding edge technology mixed with a powerhouse work ethic. Beatrice loves creating new revenue streams for her clients and is a natural top performer in B2B sales and leadership.

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