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Engineered Soils for Permeable Pathways

Webinar replay from June 15, 2024


Stabilized stonedust / Stabilized decomposed granite
– The Natural Choice for permeable ADA-complaint pathways

Stabilized stonedust (also called stabilized decomposed granite) is a permeable paving option that is seeing increased use in recent years. This material is a blend of fine crushed aggregate (3/8” minus) and a water-activated, psyllium based binder. This webinar will explain how this paving material is made, provide pathway design and construction recommendations, best practices for successful performance, and examine some case studies.

Tony Will has more than 35 years in the industry and is responsible for New Product Development and Marketing at Read Custom Soils LLC in Hingham, Massachusetts. Read Custom Soils manufactures precision blended soils for demanding applications such as green roof planting media, bioretention  soils. structural soils, reinforced soils, and sand-based soils for golf & athletic fields.

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