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Ecology Basics for Landscapers and Designers

Webinar replay from September 18, 2018

Dr. Christopher Woodall will look at how forested rural area carbon assessment is done in the US. He will discuss how these assessments suggest that forests currently offset over 10% of carbon dioxide associated with fossil fuel emissions every year. Because forests and trees in developed landscapes sequester atmospheric carbon dioxide through growth and expansion, their preservation could play an important role in the ability of the US to reach net zero emissions.

Christopher Woodall, PhD, is the Project Leader of the US Forest Service’s Center for Research on Ecosystem Change. The Center, which works in concert with dozens of state, local, industry, and university partners, gathers data in order to develop tools and techniques to better maintain forests in the northern region of the US. His work focuses on forest inventory analysis and research. Dr. Woodall has worked on various national and regional forest inventory programs, and has been involved with research and coordination activities for the US Forest Service and other federal agencies.

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