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Bell’s Woodland – Creating a Native Garden from Disturbed Woodland at Chanticleer

Webinar replay from December 3, 2019

Developing a native woodland garden, in suburban areas, comes with specific challenges such as soil degradations and erosion, abundance of invasive exotic plant species, and a need to manage stormwater runoff.

In his presentation, Mr. Walczak will discuss soil restoration, evaluating the effectiveness of different methods for a variety of situations; invasive plant species removal eradication versus suppression; and Hugelculture both as a way of gardening and as a tool for restoring woodland soil by addressing surface runoff and creating specific conditions for plants.

Przemek Walczak is a horticulturist at Chanticleer Garden, his place of employment for the past 22 years. Before that he interned as an arborist at Morris Arboretum of University of Pennsylvania and Winterthur Museum and Garden in Wilmington, Delaware. In Poland, prior to moving to the United States, Continued from previous page Mr. Walczak worked in the Studio for Applied Dendrology at The Center for the Preservation of Historic Landscapes. He lectures and teaches classes on topics such as pruning, native plant gardening, springs wildflowers and ephemerals, ferns, moss gardening, native pollinators, gardening for the birds, aquatic gardening, and woodland and shade gardening. Mr. Walczak graduated from Academy of Life Sciences in Warsaw, Poland as a Master of Economics and Agriculture.

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