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Xeriscape: Whole System Planning and Practice

Webinar replay from January 29, 2015


Christie  Green will present an overview of planning and installing xeriscapes using examples from her work in the Southwestern US. Her presentation will cover landscapes as living ecological and cultural systems using long-term and large-scale vision in the planning. She will discuss water use zones, passive water harvesting, soil building, selection of plant species for different water zones and purposes and provision of edibles for humans and birds. Learn from examples of each principle how the whole system works together to create a drought-tolerant, beautiful landscape.

Christie Green - RadicleChristie Green is the founder of Down to Earth Designs and Radicle in Santa Fe, NM. Her goal is to design and implement artful, regenerative, innovatively designed small- and large-scale land projects which educate about and inspire stewardship of natural resources and appreciation of food and beauty as necessary components in daily life. Ms. Green has a Masters in Landscape Architecture from the University of New Mexico. She teaches many classes and workshops on sustainable landscaping topics in the arid west and this year will be a food justice artist-in-residence at the Santa Fe Institute.

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