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North Creek Nurseries

The innovator of the Landscape Plug™

The innovator of the Landscape Plug™

As the innovator of the Landscape Plug™, North Creek’s mission is to propagate and market plants that develop the relationship between people and sustainable outdoor environments. We specialize in growing Landscape Plugs™ of perennials, ornamental grasses, ferns and vines with an emphasis on Eastern US native plants. Over 200 species are available in a robust LP32 plug size for shallow rooted species or a 5” deep LP50 plug size. Landscape Plugs™ are engineered for direct installation and quick establishment in landscaping and ecological projects.

The innovator of the Landscape Plug™

Landscape Plugs™ provide efficient solutions for both small and large-scale projects in residential, commercial, institutional and municipal settings:

  • Storm water management – basin retrofit, rain garden, bioswale
  • Soil stabilization – stream bank restoration, erosion control
  • Landscape restoration – floodplain restoration, meadows
  • Habitat establishment & enhancement – pollinator garden, bird habitat

Discover the North Creek Difference with the most sustainable, most efficient, highest quality Landscape Plugs™ on the market!

Claudia West Ecological Sales Representative

Kevin Staso Sales Director

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