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Conway’s 10-month masters degree program emphasizes regenerative design, conservation planning, resilient communities, food security, and whole systems thinking through an interdisciplinary curriculum applied to real projects for real clients. This intensive, accredited graduate program immerses students from diverse backgrounds in a range of applied design and planning projects, ranging in scale from residences to regions.

Some schools talk about design, or prepare for design sometime in the future. We design from day one, on real projects with real clients. Conway’s program delivers an integrated curriculum where classes complement practice. Instruction occurs in a small, intimate, and supportive environment. There is an unambiguous emphasis on sustainability, including ecological and social responsibility, as well as on oral and written communication skills and project management. You graduate with a portfolio of professional-level projects and the confidence of real skills and experience.

Conway’s nearly six hundred graduates work in a wide range of fields related to ecological design and planning, often building on their prior education and experiences. What sets them apart from others in their fields is a profound appreciation for sustainability, an ability to design components within a larger landscape context, and a strong foundation in an analysis-based design process.

Their fields include:

  • Ecological restoration
  • Conservation planning
  • Land acquisition and management for land trusts
  • Bioengineering and phytoremediation
  • Invasive species control
  • Stormwater management
  • Wetland construction and remediation
  • Landscape architecture
  • Community and regional planning
  • Organic land management
  • Habitat restoration
  • Non-profit environmental education outreach
  • Landscape design specializing in native plants

Conway is for motivated learners who think for themselves, who are committed to working for positive change in the world, and who learn best in a dynamic, real-world, collaborative setting. Many come to Conway with considerable life experience; all have significant things to share. Our rigorous curriculum requires self-directed learners who have a profound respect for the natural world and are eager to put their personal values into positive action.

The best way to understand our school and how it works is to visit in person. Call us: (413) 369-4044, x5 (Mollie Babize, Admissions Director). We’d be glad to show you around and have you meet members of the current class. You can sit in on a class or go on a field trip. You may also want to attend one of the day-long information sessions we hold twice a year.