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The Conway School

In just ten months students earn a Master of Science in Ecological Design and a proven ability to solve complicated ecological problems.

  • The Conway School is a hands-on, collaborative, immersive program in ecological landscape design and planning.

Students learn an effective, practical design process rooted in ecological thinking, tested on real design and planning projects. Through these projects and associated coursework, students gain the skills they need to address complex challenges associated with the physical landscape, such as water quality, climate resiliency, food access and security, habitat connectivity, and environmental justice. The Conway School integrates current research on contemporary environmental and social challenges and addresses the implications of a changing climate through design and planning. The mission is to teach landscape design and planning that is both ecologically and socially sustainable.

Conway was founded in 1972 on the premise that learning to work with the land must be hands-on, serving specific communities in specific places with specific needs. The learning at Conway is built around students working for real communities to solve pressing problems. By working through real-life rather than theoretical challenges, Conway students build practical ecological awareness and gain the knowledge and skills necessary to work in ways that respect nature and humanity.

  • An emphasis on process and a collaborative studio culture contribute to an engaging learning experience.

The iterative nature of design lies at the heart of Conway’s pedagogy. Students learn to understand and value process, developing solutions that will work rather than focusing on impressive renderings alone. Conway’s studio culture encourages sharing of in-process work, creating an environment where students are supported by one another and by faculty.

The school draws prospective students of all ages with different educational and professional backgrounds. These students are optimistic realists, with passion for improving existing conditions and the capacity to think critically. Visit, or contact us at to learn more.