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Member: shanti nagel

Company Design Wild, Inc
Personal Bio Shanti Nagel has been dedicated to designing naturally wild and incredibly durable gardens in the heart of urban neighborhoods for public space, community parks, affordable housing, and private residences. She is passionate about connecting people to the plant kingdom and involving the end user in all designs. Above all else, Shanti believes that building lasting connections and peace through the transformative power of plants is the way forward on earth.
Business Description Design Wild is a collaborative landscape design firm working at the intersection of climate, people, and community well-being. We believe the relationship between humans and the natural world is essential for individual health, the strength of communities and ecosystems, and the way forward on earth. We work to inspire peace & equity through the magic of plants by developing collective vision, fostering community, and transforming open space. We create beautiful, tough, ecologically regenerative designs for all types of public, private, and cultural landscapes. We love developing open space within community. We design and lead participatory processes for all ages and diverse populations.
Address Array
Copake NY 12516
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 9179522206
Primary Business Designer, Educator, Public Works/Government
Specialties Ecological Restoration,
Fine Gardening,
Native Plants,
Play Spaces,

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