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Member: Nathan Lamb

Company Nathan Lamb Gardening + Ecology
Personal Bio I grew up in North Carolina, and spent most of my time exploring creeks behind our neighborhood. I remember clearly finding a passionflower in the woods one day, and marveling that something that bizarre and intricate could be real. It wasn’t until many years later that that small spark of interest finally grew into a passion that became my work. I’ve worked in stream and wetland restoration, urban horticulture education and therapy, fine gardening, native plant nurseries, and most recently studied oak woodland restoration as a grad student at the Chicago Botanic Garden, followed by a brief stint as Assistant Director of Heronswood Garden in Washington. All those diverse threads have been bound together by a curiosity about the natural world that brings me so much joy every day, no matter where I go, and lately it’s reached new levels as I watch my young daughter discover the wildflowers and berries around her.
Business Description I’m interested in the intersection of horticulture and ecology, and I work to combine what I’ve learned from 12 years of work and study in both disciplines to create beautiful landscapes that support wildlife and humans while eliminating the need for herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and excessive irrigation. I’m available for one-on-one garden coaching, either in person or virtually, to help aspiring gardeners get their hands dirty. I also offer full garden design services, project management, and ongoing garden care.
Address 418 Pond Street
South Kingstown RI 02879
Phone Numbers Work: 9194813737
Instagram: nathanlambgardening
Primary Business Designer, Educator, Landscape Contractor
Specialties Ecological Restoration,
Fine Gardening,
Integrated Pest Management,
Invasives Removal,
Lawn Care,
Native Plants,
Play Spaces,
Certifications Invasive Plant Management,
Organic Land Care
Other Certifications Integrated Pest Management for Fruit Trees Pruning

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