Member: Nanette Masi

Company Back to Nature
Address 153 Pleasant Valley Rd
Amesbury MA 01913
Phone Numbers Work: 978-388-8544
Cell: 978-790-5329
Comments / Notes Creating landscapes that soothe the soul and offer a deeper connection to the natural world. Designs highlight native plant communities to attract birds, butterflies, and beneficial insects from spring through winter. Project Management for long-term plant health using organic materials and methods. Simply beautiful landscape and wildlife photography. Creative and inspiring seminars.
Services Ecological Restoration, Landscape Architecture/Design, Landscape Construction/Maintenance
Services Notes Re-connect with the natural world.  Attract birds & butterflies with native plants and natural habitat strategies. Landscape Design & Consultation embracing the latest in sustainable design materials; Best Practices Project Management; Visually Inspiring Seminars; Artistic Landscape Photography.

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