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Member: Marc Tissenbaum

Company Compost Tea Time
Personal Bio I have a strong background in gardening and agriculture that comes from years of experience working in different types of plant-based environments. Fifteen years ago, while working as an estate gardener charged with using organic and vegan gardening techniques, I started researching and experimenting with compost tea. In 2016, I relocated to Philadelphia, began working as an organic gardener in the area, and eventually accepted the position of head gardener at the Rodin Museum for the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. In 2017, I launched Compost Tea Time to begin doing soil work as a side business. Soil is my main priority as a landscape professional, and it has now become my full-time job and passion. I earned a Master Gardener certificate from the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and I am a Northeast Organic Farming Association (NOFA) Organic Landcare Accreditated Professional.
Business Description Did you know that caring for your soil and caring for your gut are very similar? You take probiotics or eat fermented foods to promote healthy bacteria in your gut that help you break down and digest food. Similarly, healthy soil is teeming with billions of bacteria, fungi, and other microbes that break elements in the earth down into the nutrients that plants need. They also help ward off diseases and pests and help loosen compacted soil, letting roots grow longer and stronger, which requires less supplemental watering. Compost tea is a liquid soil inoculant that contains these beneficial bacteria and fungi. It is extracted from compost by actively aerating it in water while adding supplements to feed the various microorganisms. At Compost Tea Time, we grow these organisms in a “tea” made from activated compost, then we spray it on your plants and soil, recreating the microbial balance your landscape needs.
Address 1838 S Carlisle Street
Philadelphia PA 19145
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 7064106758
Cell: 7064106758
Primary Business Green Infrastructure Contractor, Landscape Contractor, Lawn Care Professional, Maintenance Provider, Supplier/Vendor
Other Primary Business I brew bacterial and fungal compost tea recipes to help you rebuild healthy soil (15 years experience).
Specialties Coastal Zone Management,
Ecological Restoration,
Lawn Care,
Other Specialties I specialize in brewing bacterial or fungal compost tea recipes and also offer soil analysis and amendment services.
Certifications Master Gardener,
Organic Land Care

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