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Member: Lafleche Giasson

Company Sodco Inc
Address P.O. Box 2
Slocum RI 02877
Phone Numbers Work: (800)341-6900
Cell: (508)816-1075
Primary Business
Other Primary Business Boasting 500 acres of Green Certified farmland, Sodco is the exclusive grower of Microclover™ Black Beauty, an industry-revolutionizing brand of sustainable, drought-tolerant turfgrass. After just 1-2 light applications of fertilizer to promote root density, Microclover™ Black Beauty needs zero additional fertilizer to stay lush and green. Furthermore, the Microclover™ Black Beauty sod at Sodco has never been treated with, or needed, any herbicides, pesticides, or fungicides to be healthy and disease-free, even after two years of growth. After installation, Sodco’s Microclover™ Black Beauty can be raised organically with 30-50% less water without sacrificing a beautiful, green lawn.

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