Member: Bethe Hagens


Company Bees, Birds & Bugs
Address 330 Ocean Ave
Kennebunkport ME 04046
Phone Numbers Work: 207-205-5484
Cell: 207-205-5484
Comments / Notes I'm an anthropologist, faculty in the Walden University School of Public Policy and Administration, and I focus on community/home ecological design solutions, culture, and local policy development. I have about 1/3 acre in southern Maine in edible/medicinal perennials in a terrace and swamp garden systems. The project has been ongoing since 2012 and involved reclamation of a trashed and flooded hillside and wetlands. I've been working to identify all the native and transplanted vegetation that reappeared after about 75 years of trash was removed. I keep in touch with old-timers on uses and precautions with plants, experiment with water-conserving and retaining mulches, compost in a variety of ways, and invite in children and interested others from the area. Occasionally I find caches of stone tools that work well with this land. My professional partner in the project is Bennett Steele of Wheelwright Landscapes in Falmouth, Maine. Mainly, I think of myself at this stage in life as an artist-educator-designer rather than a business person.
Services Notes I like to work on integrating "weeds" as edibles into a low-maintenance, beautiful land environment, working with what is there and why a person wants to work in their personal landscape. My services are as much about coming to use and care for unnoticed dimensions of home. I guess you could call that Landscape construction, but I am an anthropologist and it is all much more about loving what you have around and nurturing the relationship both ways.

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