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Member: diana nicole

Companyit takes a garden
Personal BioConventional landscaper turned ecological gardener specializing in oak woodland and valley grassland inspired gardens in Los Angeles, CA for over a decade. I believe ecological landscapes are a protest against harmful conventional landscape practices. I can think of no better form of activism in the cure of the environment than that of ecological gardening. A person who is growing a garden, if she is growing it in harmony with nature, is improving a piece of the world.
Business Description Helping homeowners grow a self-sustaining landscape with the native plants of our natural plant communities adapted to the landscape for ease of maintenance, maximum ecosystem benefit, and wildlife support. By using swales and a mix of native plants of varying root systems and leaf structure, my gardens amend the soil, store atmospheric carbon, clean water, increase rainfall penetration, and support nature while reducing or eliminating most irrigation. Website:
Address Array
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 818761688
Primary BusinessHardscape Installer, Landscape Contractor
SpecialtiesEcological Restoration,
Invasives Removal,
Native Plants,
Permeable Surfaces,
Other SpecialtiesBird friendly
Other CertificationsM.S. in plant science

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