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Member: Ashley Lloyd

Company Ashley Lloyd Fine Gardening & Design
Personal Bio Westchester-based Fine Garden and Indoor Plant specialist — planting and caring for naturalistic gardens.
Business Description Gardens are always in a state of evolution and change, they are living art. The Fine gardener’s role is to constantly hand tune the harmony between the elements - having courage to make subtle shifts to the garden as needed and knowing when to show restraint. Caring for and nurturing the health of the soil and plants is as important as making sure the original design intent is mirroring the garden’s natural unfolding. Keeping an eye on individual plants as they mature and how they affect the space and its use over time — continuously fine tuning. We offer the following in our scope of Fine Gardening care: specialty hand pruning of woody and ornamental shrubs, perennial plant care, weeding, hand raking, pest monitoring, soil health and remediation. Additionally we offer Container services, Indoor Botanic design, and Garden design.
Address Array
Ossining NY 10562
United States
Phone Numbers Work: (914) 338-8577  
Primary Business Designer, Maintenance Provider
Specialties Fine Gardening,
Integrated Pest Management,
Native Plants,
Permeable Surfaces,
Other Specialties Indoor Botanic Design
Certifications Horticulturist (ASHS),
Landscape Designer (APLD)
Other Certifications NYBG Certified in Landscape Design

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