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Member: Abigail Leonard

Company Art People Nature - Design by Abigail Leonard
Personal Bio Abigail holds a master’s degree in Landscape Architecture from Morgan State University and brings enthusiasm and ingenuity from the east coast to her work in the Pacific Northwest. With a background in art and garden care, she designs plantings compositions with thoughtfulness for movement, light, and color, in addition to streamlining maintenance requirements.
Business Description Abigail Leonard design collaborates frequently with local landscape architects and habitat design and restoration specialists. The goal is to elevate reclaiming habitats in our gardens that are beautifully designed, thoughtful, and immerse us the local ecological identity of where we live. Abigail offers full design and planting services, consultations to guide your own gardening process, and full service garden and habitat care through collaboration with Phoenix Habitats.
Address 7601 SE Harold St
Portland OR 97206
United States
Phone Numbers Work: 4436184485
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