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LA CES CEU – Water Infiltration/Water Storage, 9.15.2021

Successfully complete the following quiz to qualify for 1 LA CES continuing education credit. A passing grade requires 8 correct answers.

CEU LA CES Webinar 9.15.21 Water Infiltration/Water Storage

1. Plants release an estimated 10-40% of carbon fixed by photosynthesis through their roots into soil.
2. The woodland landscape is effective at infiltration of water and storing soil carbon because
3. Living plants animals and soils all contain carbon, and is largely sequestered (long term storage) in oceans, soils, and vegetation (esp. forests). For terrestrial storage, soils contain approximately __________% of carbon pools stored on land?
4. Cover crops can improve water infiltration into soils and facilitate carbon sequestration but soil compaction can still happen due to management errors that prevents infiltration. Which of these statements are true?
5. Biochar in the soil is being studied for its ability to
6. Removal and storage of carbon dioxide in terrestrial ecosystems is referred to as:
7. Soil Organic Matter (SOM) improves soil by
8. Roots sequester carbon by:
9. Photosynthesis is the fixation of CO2 into plant biomass.
10. Soil carbon storage is important for water quality because