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LA CES CEU – Understanding Soil Health and Its Principles for Improving Landscape Resilience, 10.13.21

Successfully complete the following quiz to qualify for 1 LA CES continuing education credit. A passing grade requires 8 correct answers.

CEU LA CES Webinar 10.13.21 Understanding Soil Health

1. What does make a healthy soil?
2. How does the water cycle let us know a soil is healthy?
3. What is a sign of healthy soil?
4. If soil has a low we aggregate stability, will it hold
5. More biological activity and diversity will be found in a
6. The rhizosphere (root area closest to the soil) will have the
7. Soil Aggregate formation and stabilization are the product of which of the following interactions?
8. Which of the following will contribute to building soil organic matter in the soil?
9. If all the soil properties are not working properly in a soil, then what will be the first constraint to be fixed to unlock other constraints and start healing this soil?
10. What soil property allows a soil to continue its capacity to function as a living system?