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LA CES CEU – Rewild in 10 Action Steps, 10.20.21

Successfully complete the following quiz to qualify for 1 LA CES continuing education credit. A passing grade requires 8 correct answers.

CEU LA CES Webinar 10.20.21 Rewild in 10 Action Steps

1. Which one of the following can be considered a keystone plant?
2. Rewilding is about restoring the North American landscape to a pre- European colonization state.
3. Douglas Tallamy recommends that all lawn in suburban and urban landscapes be replaced with native plantings in order to create habitat for moths, butterflies, birds, and other wildlife.
4. Which of these harmful landscape habits prevent many moth and butterfly species from completing their life cycles?
5. Soil amendments, fertilizers and pesticides are not necessary for healthy, beautiful and robust landscapes.
6. We need to embrace messy and more wild-looking landscapes to support more life where we live.
7. Many native plant species are easy to grow from seed, and you don’t need to be a horticulturist or propagator to grow them yourself.
8. Which of the following is not a good mechanical method for managing invasive plants:
9. Canada goldenrod is an invasive species that causes seasonal allergies for many people.
10. Which one of these methods for spreading awareness about rewilding and adopting mindful landscaping practices is not productive: