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LA CES CEU – Regenerating Suburbia One Garden at a Time, 2.9.22

Successfully complete the following quiz to qualify for 1 LA CES continuing education credit. A passing grade requires 8 correct answers.

CEU LA CES Webinar 2-9-22 - Regenerating Suburbia One Garden at a Time

1. What new model of development did Levittown exemplify?
2. Levittown became the prototype of a type of development that became referred to as suburbia?
3. What was one of the driving forces to the modern-day development and proliferation of the Lawn Chemical Industry?
4. It’s an environmentalist myth that adding synthetic, inorganic fertilizers, pesticides and minerals to the landscape destroys the invisible micro-organisms in the soil?
5. Rachel’s Carson’s book, Silent Spring, is regarded as a benchmark because
6. According to the presenter, one of the aims of regenerative garden design is to restore animal plant relationships.
7. In the first garden presented, installed in June 2013, how long did it take for the first pollinators and other invertebrates to find their way to the garden and their food source after the garden was installed?
8. A chief characteristic of regenerative garden designers is that their plant selection is comprised of 100% native species.
9. How does this designer decide on which plants to include in the garden design:
10. According to the speaker’s approach, her designs invariably involve three interrelated dimensions: aesthetic, ecological and spiritual.