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LA CES CEU – Dry Stone Walling, 9.8.2021

Successfully complete the following quiz to qualify for 1 LA CES continuing education credit. A passing grade requires 8 correct answers.

CEU LA CES Webinar 9.8.21 Stonewalling

1. UNESCO lists dry stone walling as an intangible cultural heritage of humanity.
2. Dry Stone Wall construction aid in the following:
3. What led to the decline in dry stone fence construction practices?
4. Dry Stone Construction methods always reduce carbon footprint.
5. When comparing dry stone construction methods to concrete construction methods the long term carbon footprint is reduced.
6. Dry stone constructed features can last thousands of years if properly constructed.
7. When building and assessing dry stone walls, the following stone stacking is appropriate for structural strength:
8. Running joints in a dry stone wall break the structural tension and ductile nature of the structure.
9. Dry stone wall strength is influenced by how the stones are placed. Length in or perpendicular stone placement is appropriate.
10. Water consumption for concrete production is of concern in arid and drought prone areas. What is the estimated percentage of industrial water used in concrete manufacturing globally?