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ELA Virtual Conference – Speaker Information

ELA Virtual Conference - Speaker Information

Please provide the following information to ensure a smooth conference experience for everyone.

  • Separate address information with commas.
  • Please provide contact information if a staff member will be helping to coordinate your conference participation. Enter None if not applicable.
  • How would you like to have ELA communicate with you?
  • We understand that this title may change as the presentation evolves.
  • Presentation description.
  • Three or more learning objectives; these are specific things that the audience will learn by attending the presentation. Learning objectives are required to apply for continuing education credits.
  • Brief bio - noting experience pertinent to presentation topic. Required field - type "supplied" if you have already submitted your bio.
  • Honorarium check should be made payable to: Or indicate if waived.
  • To extend the value of ELA Conference presentations, ELA makes presentation recordings for the sole use of ELA Conference registrants. No portion of the recording will be distributed publicly.
  • Do you have familiarity with Zoom-based presentations? Practice sessions can be arranged if requested.