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ELA Community Outreach


ELA Member Trevor Smith and Michael Chavez, Fairmont/Indigo Line CDC

ELA Announces Innovative
Green Roofs Initiative in Boston

On July 28th, in a collaboration that was years in the making, the Fairmount Line Bus Shelter Living Roof Initiative turned three bus shelters into roof-top, green-spaces near the Talbot Station.

This collaboration brought together the Fairmount-Indigo Line CDC Collaborative, the Talbot Norfolk Triangle Eco Innovation District, and Land Escapes Design Inc., owned by ELA Past President, Trevor Smith. With advanced preparation and materials donated by Land Escapes Design Inc. and Green Living Technologies International, three bus stop shelters were retrofitted with soil, mixed sedums, and mosses. The green roofs are designed to soak up rainfall before it enters storm drains.

Learn more about the project.

ELA Community Action Project – 2014Arcola Park Gardens

On July 22, 2014, the Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) collaborated with the Boston Natural Areas Network (BNAN) and the Landscape Institute at Boston Architectural College to restore Arcola Park located in Dorchester, Massachusetts. On a very hot day, many volunteers gathered to restore the park to its former glory.

Learn more about the project.

ELA Partners with SEMPBA

The Southeastern Massachusetts Pine Barrens Alliance, Inc. (SEMPBA) is a recently formed non–profit volunteer group dedicated to preserving the globally rare eco region of the Coastal Atlantic Pine Barrens of southeastern Massachusetts. The region contains the world’s 2nd largest remaining Pine Barrens habitat that supports a number of threatened or endangered animal and plant species, some of which occur only in southeastern Massachusetts.

ELA Display at SEMPBA PinefestTo help support their mission, ELA has recently formed an alliance with SEMPBA to help promote the important work being done to educate and preserve the Pine Barrens. SEMPBA recently hosted Pinefest, a day of fun and playful learning at Myles Standish State Forest, in Carver to expand awareness of the Greater Pine Barrens of Southeastern Massachusetts.

More information about SEMPBA

ELA Announces Name Change to
Ecological Landscape Alliance

ELA Completes First Community Action Project

Dartmouth Green, Boston
Accomplished through valuable collaborations and the help of many volunteers, July 2013 marked the first ELA Community Action Project.
Dartmouth Green Completed“What a transformation!” was a typical comment from the South End residents who passed by our work site: 29 Dartmouth Street.

Earlier this year, the Ecological Landscape Alliance and the Landscape Institute of the Boston Architectural College were looking for an opportunity to perform a community service project that would create a hands-on educational opportunity, result in positive neighborhood change, and bring together their constituencies. Read the full story.

View project progress below.