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The Art of Integrating Rainwater

by Steven Torgerson Many of us plan a portion of each day based on rainwater. In my house, we often ask the question, “Is it going to rain today?” before we select our attire or decide our activities. Earlier this month, my daughters asked if we could go to an outdoor pool early next week, […]

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MOSS: Providing Year-round Green Solutions for Erosion Control

by Mossin’ Annie (Martin) Fifty million years older than any other vascular plants on Earth, MOSSES (bryophytes) offer year-round green beauty. Yet, mosses are far more than an appealing green ground cover; these verdant miniature plants can provide solutions for challenging erosion issues in today’s landscapes. Appropriate moss species can be intentionally planted as THE […]

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Greening Greenfield

by Julie Snell and Michele Adams Albert Greenfield Elementary School in Philadelphia was the first school in the district to implement a “green schoolyard.” School stakeholders, including alumni, parents, and teachers, partnered with Philadelphia Water Department, The Community Design Collaborative, and The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society to form the Greening Greenfield Committee, and together they created a […]

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Sustainable Stormwater Using Bioretention: Engineering Better Water Quality

by Allen P. Davis As (sub)urban growth continues to consume undeveloped land, stormwater runoff from impervious surfaces grows in importance as a contributor to water resources degradation. Impervious surface creates surface runoff at the expense of infiltration and evapotranspiration. These increased stormwater flows and volumes can erode streams and rivers causing significant damage to property, […]

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Water Wise & Whimsy

by Soleil Tranquilli After years of not quite getting around to designing my own landscape, I finally took the first steps toward a complete renovation in 2009. Eight years later, the renovated yard demonstrates our priorities: water conservation, use of predominantly native plants, reuse of materials, and support of wildlife, especially of pollinators. My home […]

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