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Members Making a Difference

ELA recently wondered what our members are up to. What changes have they seen in their ecological landscapes and what new directions do they see their businesses or organizations going in the next few years? What ecological practices are resonating with their clients? We’ve asked a few members to give us a glimpse inside their…

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Working Magic on Plants

by Kevin Richardson Do you know that the same microbes in a compost pile that break down food scraps, lawn clippings, leaves, paper, and wood back into soil are also responsible for these same mechanisms in nature that provide all the food and protection plants need? Nobody is out spraying the forest or prairie with…

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What’s New at Fourth Generation?

by R.P. Sokol The 2013 winter trade shows have brought some pleasant surprises to us at Fourth Generation Nursery. The first is that many in the Landscape industry are beginning to “get it;” rainwater harvesting is finally starting to catch on. And second, an increasing number of professionals recognize that “Storm Water Management” means more…

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Exhibitor Profile: Groundscapes Express, an Evolving Business

by Nick Novick John Engwer had been running his own Wrentham, Massachusetts-based landscaping business for about twenty years when an idea occurred to him while looking through one of the trade magazines. One of those hydraulic mulch-blowing trucks would sure make it easier to service the growing number of client properties that needing mulching; much…

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North Creek Nurseries Cultivating a Community: Members Making a Difference

by Carrie Wiles Located in the heart of Chester County, PA, North Creek Nurseries strives to propagate and market plants that develop the relationship between people and sustainable outdoor environments. Focusing on eastern US natives, the combined 45 acre/two farm footprint produces over seven million perennial, ornamental grass, fern, and vine plug liners annually. Employees…

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