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Mulch Matters

I recently read an article, “The Mulch Matters,” and want to understand more. I would like to plant several Japanese maples and at present have only pine straw. What more can I do to improve soil quality for these trees (since they prefer a more acidic nutrient base) without using fertilizers?

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Eco-Answers from the Pros: Recipe for Successful Container Gardens

I am considering going organic in my self-watering container garden and in doing research I found an article describing M.L. Altobelli’s fertilizer blend containing Gro Pro fertilizer, alfalfa meal, and Azomite. Other things I have read described the benefits of all these components. Could you give me a recommended ratio of these for tomatoes, peppers…

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Eco-Answers from the Pros: Reining in Raspberries for Wildlife

We have raspberries growing in our field and would like to promote their growth to feed the wild birds and mammals. Can you tell me “best practices” for mowing the field, including the raspberry bushes, to make it healthy for diverse species. Should we mow annually, or every other year, more frequently? I’m in mid-coast…

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