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Stormwater Management


Weathering the Storm: Horticulture Management in Brooklyn Bridge Park in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

by Rebecca McMackin Two months ago, Hurricane Sandy devastated coastal regions of New York and New Jersey. Much of Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) was underwater for four hours. Sandy was the second “100 year storm” in two years, and researchers at MIT say we should now expect such extreme weather events every three to twenty…

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Bioretention Soils

by Tom Barry Stormwater runoff has become an increasing environmental concern as urbanization of our society has created massive areas of impervious surfaces that flood our storm drains and waterways with pollutant laden water. Stormwater management techniques are gaining popularity in urban environments to offset this “paved paradise” syndrome. One of the techniques that has…

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Small Residential Rainwater Harvesting Project: A Hands-on Community Eco-Workshop

by Mary Flodin ELA sponsored a series of three hands-on eco-workshops in Santa Cruz, CA, during the fall of 2011; each presented by a different local landscaper: Native Plants: The Low Tech Landscape Water Conserving Solution, Darrin Miller of Central Coast Wild; Greywater Clarified, Ken Foster of Terranova; and Rainwater Harvesting, Golden Love of Love’s…

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Restoration Enhances Ecosystem, Recreation, and Water Quality at Fresh Pond

by Thomas Benjamin Ecosystem restoration is often driven by a regulatory requirement, which makes the voluntary improvement of a 30-acre section of urban oasis including forest, meadow, and shoreline quite unusual. What is even more extraordinary is that this island of tranquility is located in densely populated Cambridge, Massachusetts and within sight of downtown Boston.

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Porous Surfaces – How Are We Doing?

by Steven Roy The use of porous surfaces for stormwater management and control has become a widely accepted practice. This brief article will explore why porous surfaces are important as one of our management tools and report on a few new and interesting products within the porous surface toolbox.

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Donation of Materials, Passion, and Time = A Beautiful and Functional Rain Garden at a Public Housing Residence

by Amanda Sloan Early on a bright day in April, a diverse group gathered in Providence, Rhode Island in one of the most urban areas of the city – the Manton Heights public housing residences. Winding their way to a rear corner of the complex were staff from the environmental organization Groundwork Providence, driving a…

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Designing Ornamental Gardens for Highly Effective Stormwater Infiltration

by Kevin Beuttell This article is reprinted with the author’s permission from a handout provided at the ELA Conference held on March 3, 2011. Stormwater infiltration gardens, also known as bioretention gardens or rain gardens, are a key feature of comprehensive sustainable stormwater management strategies. Despite their proven environmental benefits, however, many people are reluctant…

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Review: A Community Guide to Growing Greener

Reviewed by Tara Mitchell The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition’s recently released Community Guide to Growing Greener provides guidance and recommendations for stormwater management and better site design. The Guide is intended for developers, designers, community boards, and others, either required to meet stormwater regulations or simply seeking to implement Low Impact Development (LID) practices.

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