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Rainwater Harvesting


Greywater Made Clear: The Basics

by Ken Foster It is called “greywater” for a reason, and whether you spell it greywater or graywater obviously it is not one of those black and white solutions to water conservation. It’s, well…murky. Regardless of the spelling it’s one of the best strategies for maximizing your water economy. The new word “watergy” refers to…

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Water: A Treasure to Be Captured

by Clémence Corriveau Water sustains and beckons us all: plants, animals, insects, and people. Yet, it can create challenges when it limits usable space or collects in the wrong location. By redirecting and reusing rainwater and by replanting to accommodate wetlands, you can turn problem garden areas into beautiful havens. Here are some examples of…

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Small Residential Rainwater Harvesting Project: A Hands-on Community Eco-Workshop

by Mary Flodin ELA sponsored a series of three hands-on eco-workshops in Santa Cruz, CA, during the fall of 2011; each presented by a different local landscaper: Native Plants: The Low Tech Landscape Water Conserving Solution, Darrin Miller of Central Coast Wild; Greywater Clarified, Ken Foster of Terranova; and Rainwater Harvesting, Golden Love of Love’s…

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The Great American Rain Barrel Company: Members Making a Difference

Interview with Suzanne Gebelein Water is one of nature’s most abundant resources with over two-thirds of the globe covered in blue. Fresh water, however, has become an increasingly precious resource. In arid parts of the globe, fresh water falling as rain has been valued and saved for centuries. And now, traditionally water rich areas, such…

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