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Landscape Design


Habits of Observation: Letting Site Inform Design

by Lindsay Knapp I had dinner with an artist friend years ago and, still chatting in the parking lot of a favorite restaurant, the conversation turned to the difference between an artist’s eye and the rest of us. I’d long thought that artists simply had different output; they saw what we saw but in their…

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Transforming a Storm-Damaged Landscape

by Martha Coutts-Eisenberg In January 1998, Randolph, in northern New Hampshire, experienced a once-in-a-hundred-year ice storm. Nearly three-quarters of the large trees lost their crowns, covered by 6 inches of ice. Imagine the sound of trees snapping and branches falling for five days as the ice got thicker and heavier. What a dreadful feeling to…

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Coastal Buffer Zones

Article by: Kate Venturini, of the URI Outreach Center Buffer zones between development and shoreline habitat are attempted in many states, but rarely work well enough to protect the ecosystem. Laws and enforcement vary between communities, as do development histories and how people interact with the environment. Realizing this dilemma, land developers are finding common…

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