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On Revitalizing Garden Culture Through Experience Design

by Meg Herndon and Sandra Nam Cioffi As owners of a non-traditional landscape architecture firm, we have a sense that positive results will come from practicing the art of gardening with our clients. We have decades of combined experience working on projects at all scales and in various places around the world, and we’ve become […]

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Ten Elements of Natural Design

by Larry Weaner This article is reprinted with the permission of the author. It originally appeared in American Nurseryman, Jan. 1996. Photos by Larry Weaner unless indicated otherwise. It was republished in Connecticut Horticultural Society Newsletter, February 2010. The elements that make a landscape design “natural” are difficult to define. A landscape with curved bed […]

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MOSS: Providing Year-round Green Solutions for Erosion Control

by Mossin’ Annie (Martin) Fifty million years older than any other vascular plants on Earth, MOSSES (bryophytes) offer year-round green beauty. Yet, mosses are far more than an appealing green ground cover; these verdant miniature plants can provide solutions for challenging erosion issues in today’s landscapes. Appropriate moss species can be intentionally planted as THE […]

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Book Review: Cultivating the Designer’s Mind

Cultivating the Designer’s Mind: Principles and Process for Coherent Landscape Design Written by Walter Cudnohufsky with Mollie Babize Self-published by High Meadow Press, March 2019  Reviewed by Trevor Buckley and Emily Davis In Cultivating the Designer’s Mind: Principles and Process for Coherent Landscape Design, readers will find a window into the mind of Walter Cudnohufsky, […]

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by Tovah Martin Spring sneaks in through a crack in the window. It steals in when you push the panes open for that whiff of fresh air you’ve anticipated for so long. You’ve almost forgotten what the mingling of indoors and outside feels like; it’s been an eternity since you bonded. But then the scent […]

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