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Invasive Plants


Controlling Small-scale Infestations of Exotic Invasive Plant Species: Ecological and IPM Information for Landscapers and Homeowners

by Bruce Wenning Following are Parts I and II of this article; Part III, provides information about individual invasive species. Introduction Exotic invasive plant species are not native plants. Most did not originate in the United States or North America. The majority of these pestiferous plants which are native to the temperate regions of Asia…

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Eat Your Invasives

Reprinted with the author’s permission from the Spring 2011 issue of Sanctuary, Journal of the Massachusetts Audubon Society. by Russ Cohen A few of our naturalized alien plants were first brought over to this country for their culinary value. They were then overlooked and some escaped into the wild; European barberry and garlic mustard are…

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Swallow-wort Biocontrols Pass Test

By Mary Woodson This article has been reprinted with permission from Northeast IPM Insights, a publication of the Northeastern IPM Center. The Center promotes integrated pest management for reducing risks to human health and environment. Entomologists Richard Casagrande and Heather Faubert helped rid a Rhode Island farm of cypress spurge, an invasive weed, in the…

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Invasive Species: Some Science and Some Questions

by Jono Neiger “Man is part of nature, and his war against nature is, inevitably, a war against himself.” Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, 1962 Invasive species, the new species on the block, have been taking heat for ecosystem changes for several decades. And yet, many of our commonly held assumptions about invasive species are not…

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The Basics on Invasive Plants

It’s important to keep in mind that invasive species are often exotic species brought into the landscape by people for aesthetic, agricultural, or industrial purposes. Landscapers have a responsibility, both to their clients and to the communities in which their clients live, to choose plants wisely and to guard against unintentional release of invasives that…

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Native Plants: Restoring to an Idea

Native Plants: Restoring to an Idea Article by Toby Hemenway Let me tell you about the invasive plant that scares me more than all the others. It’s one that has infested over 80 million acres in the US, and in many places forms virtual monocultures. It is a heavy feeder, depleting soil of nutrients. Everywhere…

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