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Soil Health


Working Magic on Plants

by Kevin Richardson Do you know that the same microbes in a compost pile that break down food scraps, lawn clippings, leaves, paper, and wood back into soil are also responsible for these same mechanisms in nature that provide all the food and protection plants need? Nobody is out spraying the forest or prairie with…

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Soil Biology Basics: Part II

by Joe Magazzi, MS Soil Biology Basics: Part I introduced readers to some basic information on soil biology regarding all of the benefits plants, trees, and turf receive from building and maintaining healthy soil “life” – including providing and cycling carbon, retention and delivery of nutrients and water, healthier and better growth, and natural disease…

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Recent Research on Biochar’s Potential in Soils

by Thayer Tomlinson There are many types of soil additives and fertilizers used to improve the structure and functions of soil. One that has re-emerged in the last five years is biochar, a solid material obtained from the thermochemical conversion of biomass in an oxygen-limited environment—which creates a fine-grained, highly porous charcoal. Interest in biochar…

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Soil Biology Basics, Part I

by Joe Magazzi It is always difficult to understand concepts that we can’t see. Most landscapers understand the importance of healthy visible landscape ecology in terms of plants, trees and turf; the bees that pollinate them; etc. Many professionals employ practices that help this ecology naturally thrive, and this leads to a healthier landscape with…

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Using a Biological and Ecological Compass to Solve Soil Problems

by Jerry Brunetti Over the years, my work has encompassed a wide range of both agronomic and horticultural arenas and they all provide living laboratories and great learning opportunities. Consulting for those engaged in agricultural or horticultural pursuits that range from very conventional to very organic has provided additional insights that expedite the learning process….

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Soil Amendments and Soil Management

by M.L. Altobelli, owner of M.L.’s Greenery in Motion in Westminster, MA The goal in healthy landscapes is to develop healthy soils that persist beyond the current owner and landscaper soils that help to maintain diversity at all levels of the living community. Read complete article (PDF).

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