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Composting & Compost Tea

A mixture of water, EM1, and molasses await incorporation into a bran & coffee chaff substrate as part of a bokashi recipe.

The Joy of Bokashi Composting

By Boris Kerzner

About five years ago, while living in a small house with a small backyard, I was fortunate to be introduced to bokashi composting. Whereas standard compost piles rely on the presence of oxygen for decomposition to occur, the bokashi method is a two-step process in which the first step occurs in the absence of oxygen. This composting method takes less space and less tending than a traditional compost pile.

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How Can Composting Enhance Soil and Benefit Your Business

By Adam Jankauskas 

Compost is recognized as a valuable component of the ecological landscape and many ecological landscape practitioners utilize compost in the management of their properties. Compost has a place in a more sustainable world but providing composting services for clients can be unsustainable. How can composting be made easier without the added expense? 


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