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Composting & Compost Tea


How Can Composting Enhance Soil and Benefit Your Business

By Adam Jankauskas 

Compost is recognized as a valuable component of the ecological landscape and many ecological landscape practitioners utilize compost in the management of their properties. Compost has a place in a more sustainable world but providing composting services for clients can be unsustainable. How can composting be made easier without the added expense? 


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Composting: Turning Garbage into Gold

by Tara Mitchell John Engwer, owner of Groundscapes Express, and Butch Goodwin, Operations Manager, led Ecological Landscaping Alliance participants on a tour of Groundscapes’ composting facility in Wrentham, MA explaining how compost is made and discussing the many benefits and uses of compost in the landscape. Through knowledge, training, and most importantly, years of experience…

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Composting: Addition by Subtraction

by Paul Kwiatkowski Mount Auburn is not only America’s first garden cemetery, but an arboretum with more than 6,000 trees from around the globe. For those of you who have had the opportunity to visit and explore the grounds, I hope you were so entranced by the trees, gardens, monuments, and wildlife that many return…

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Compost Tea: Reaping the Organic Rewards

Text and images reprinted with permission of New England Wildflower Society. by Nate McCullin When entering the 2011 growing season I had many questions floating around in my mind regarding the impact of compost and compost tea on the soil and plant health at Garden in the Woods. I was skeptical about believing all the…

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