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Urban Landscaping


Urban Trees

A Pathway to Meeting Forest Sustainability Goals and a Vehicle To Get You There by Laurence Wiseman A few weeks ago, government officials from nearly 100 nations met to discuss progress on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. It’s fair to assume that most who attended the meeting were both committed, and professionally competent. Ordinarily, you’d…

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Exploring Rogue Territories

by David Seiter The following excerpt from Spontaneous Urban Plants: Weeds in NYC is reprinted with permission of the author. Whenever travelling to a new city, I always want to understand its layout, its sequence of spaces, its edges and boundaries and the relations between urban landscapes and landmarks. While reading a map helps to…

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2,000 Gallon Project

by Nick Shannon The 2,000 Gallon Project envisions a healthier Gowanus community through a conventional dumpster planted with native trees and perennials. Each dumpster provides a visual representation of the amount of stormwater a bio-swale can handle during a storm event and brings attention to the issue of Combined Sewage Overflows (CSO) emptying into the…

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Bus Stop Green Roofs Win Greenovate Boston Award

Green roofs installed on several Boston bus shelters received a Greenovate Boston Award at the Greenovate Boston Community Summit held at Northeastern University on June 6, 2015. Funded by an Environmental Protection Agency grant, the project partnered Fairmount/Indigo Line Community Development Corporation Collaborative and Trevor Smith’s Land Escapes Design Inc. Trevor is the current president…

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The Green Alley, the Water Table, and the Ostrich

by Heather Heimarck Boston Architectural College’s “Green Alley” was built with the intention of creating a replicable model that would ameliorate negative environmental impacts caused by urban streets and high building density. Cities lack porous surfaces to return stormwater into the ground due to road, rooftops and sidewalks built with non-absorptive or impervious surfaces. The…

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