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Public Gardens and Parks


Organic Turf Maintenance on a Large Scale at the Rose Kennedy Greenway

by Anthony Ruggiero Anthony is a panelist at ELA’s Large-Scale Landscapes Symposium at Wellesley College on January 18th, 2014. The Greenway is a mile-and-a-half-long public park that stretches from Chinatown to the North End in downtown Boston. It is a linear series of small parks that sit above the I-93 tunnel totaling approximately 15 acres,…

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The Spicket River Greenway: Habitat Creation at Manchester Street Park

by Brad Buschur The City of Lawrence, MA, has three very distinct rivers flowing through its boundaries. The wide Merrimack River flows through the heart of Lawrence’s Mill districts. The Shawsheen River flows northward through a small river floodplain forest. The Spicket River has been engineered to flow through residential neighborhoods, and the process of…

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A Master Plan for Garden in the Woods

 by Mark Richardson Garden in the Woods has inspired generations of professional horticulturists, landscape designers, and backyard gardeners alike to create gardens that look to nature for inspiration. Embracing an early 20th-century trend toward “wild” gardens, the Garden’s founder, Will Curtis, sought to highlight the inherent glacial landscape of this property in Framingham, MA, and…

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Weathering the Storm: Horticulture Management in Brooklyn Bridge Park in the Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

by Rebecca McMackin Two months ago, Hurricane Sandy devastated coastal regions of New York and New Jersey. Much of Brooklyn Bridge Park (BBP) was underwater for four hours. Sandy was the second “100 year storm” in two years, and researchers at MIT say we should now expect such extreme weather events every three to twenty…

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Mowing Less at Bird Park: Sustainable Stewardship with Community Support

by Russ Hopping Parks and other cultural landscapes require careful planning and stewardship to make them special places for visitors. The natural world includes equally special and unique places that may require our care as well. The lines are not always clear between what is natural and what is cultural, however. Indeed in many, perhaps…

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