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Native Plants


Monarch Memories Last a Lifetime

by Hendrica Regez and Donna VanBuecken Butterfly gardeners show they care deeply about the environment and their connection to nature. While providing food and shelter for monarchs and other pollinators, they also help to conserve native plants, reduce habitat fragmentation, and increase biodiversity in the landscapes. In turn, these healthy ecosystems directly affect the quality…

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Edible and Landscape-worthy Native Plants of New England

by Ellen Sousa and Russ Cohen Edible gardening generally brings to mind beds of lettuce, cucumbers, tomatoes, melons, and other foods with origins in distant continents. As natives of often vastly different climates and growing conditions, many of these plants require a lot of time and attention to bring to a successful harvest here in…

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This Place We Call Home

by Cayte McDonough Imagine you have been abducted by an alien spaceship, whisked away from your homeland, then deposited back on earth in a fast food restaurant. The place looks familiar, but you have no idea where you are. Thanks to the proliferation of fast-food chains and big-box stores, all Main Streets are starting to…

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Late Blooms in the Landscape

by Kathleen Salisbury As you spend the winter planning additions for your landscape and troll through the countless catalogs you have been getting in the mail, it is easy to think about the colorful spring blooms that put an end to the dull winter months. However, as you plan, don’t forget the late blooming flowers!…

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The Place and Time

by Jack Pizzo The time of critical mass is approaching. All around us we see green initiatives. The kids see it at school; we see it at work; we see it when we play. We hear about why a product or service is the one to buy because of some green ingredient or process. I…

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Habitat Essentials

by Ellen Sousa The following excerpt is reprinted from The Green Garden (Bunker Hill Publishing, 2011) with the permission of the author. Habitat gardening is just like planning and designing the interior of your home. You consider the everyday needs of those you invite into your space, furnish or rearrange the space accordingly, and stock…

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