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Attendee Evaluation Wednesday – ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace 2021 – Virtual

Please take a few minutes to provide feedback on your experience at the ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace held virtually via QiQoChat on March 3 & 4, 2021.

We value your input and use evaluations to improve future educational events.

Thank you!

Wednesday Evaluation - ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace - 2021 Virtual

  • If the virtual conference experience failed to meet your expectations, what can ELA do to improve your experience?
  • If any presentations failed to meet your expectations, please share your recommendations for improvement at future events.
  • If you joined any speakers for informal conversation in a Speakers Garden, how was your experience? Did this opportunity enhance your connection with the speaker and increase your sense of community during the conference?
  • Did you utilize the live chat during presentations? If not, why not? If so, did the running chat help you feel like part of the conference community?
  • If you viewed any of the Exhibitor Spotlights, how was your experience. Was this an effective way to become familiar with exhibitor products and services at a virtual conference?
  • If you did not feel prepared for the virtual conference experience, what can ELA do to improve your experience at a future virtual ELA conference?
  • Did you join conversations in one of the Networking Rooms? If yes, was that a valuable experience? If no, how could we make that a more welcoming experience?
  • Was the length of the conference day convenient and comfortable for you? If not what schedule would you suggest?