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Environmentally Friendly Landscape Equipment

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Green Landscape Equipment and Green Zones

Dan Mabe, GreenStation

Friday, November 22, 2013 3:00−5:00pm
The Holiday Inn, Boxborough, MA
Refreshments will be served

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Join us to learn about sustainable landscape equipment and outdoor maintenance practices from a seasoned contractor. A growing number of towns and cities across the US are concerned with loud noise and air pollution from gasoline-powered equipment. Green, emissions-free equipment represents one alternative solution.

The Ecological Landscape Alliance, in partnership with Quiet Communities, a 501(c)(3) organization focused on sustainable maintenance practices, is hosting Dan Mabe, President of The GreenStation (Woodlawn, CA) to demonstrate quiet, battery powered, emission free products and present the “Green Zoning” concept.

The GreenStation is an R&D lawn/garden equipment company applying high tech, clean battery technology in landscape equipment ranging from leaf blowers to stand-up lawn mowers (commercial and residential grades). Dan is a landscape contractor who has devoted many years to developing battery technology and the concept of Green Zones, emissions-free, quiet zones in areas that are noise- and emissions-sensitive. His presentation will include videos of green equipment used by municipalities, corporations, campuses and homeowners to achieve quieter, emission-free maintenance. Some equipment models will also be on display.

The GreenStation is working with towns, campuses, companies, contractors and several Air Quality Management Districts in California to develop the Green Zone concept. Gas powered mowers and leaf blowers are several of the worst pollution devices in residential neighborhoods and parks.

Contractors benefit from:

  • Reduced fossil fuel consumption, emissions, and solid waste
  • Lower operating costs
  • Improved worker health with clean, quieter, ergonomic equipment

Property owners, managers, and citizens benefit from:

  • Less air pollution
  • Less noise
  • A healthier outdoor environment
  • Fewer complaints

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