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ELA Announces Season 2 of Webinar Series “A Focus on Sustainability”

Ecological Landscape Alliance (ELA) is excited to announce the second season of a webinar series geared to landscape professionals that will begin on October 7, 2014. The continuing series was made possible through ELA’s collaboration with three sister organizations: Chesapeake Conservation Landscaping Council (CCLC), Midwest Ecological Landscape Alliance (MELA), and EcoLandscape California (ELC).Focus on Sustainability Collaboration Logo.360

“For several years, our membership asked if there was a way for ELA to provide distance education for members,” according to Penny Lewis, ELA Executive Director. “The webinar format offered an easy solution. Last year, ELA contacted three other regional educators and asked if they would like to collaborate on the project. The result has been the sharing of a wealth of experience and knowledge through this webinar series.”

Known regionally for their quality education programs, the four collaborating organizations work cooperatively to share knowledge and encourage conversations among landscape professionals from across the country and around the globe. In its first season, A Focus on Sustainability included nine presentations that reached hundreds of participants. Presented by professionals across the United States, the webinars covered topics from basic ecological concepts and sustainable design to soil amendments and organic lawns.

The second season of the series begins on October 7th with a presentation titled “Xeriscaping – The Necessary Wave of the Future.” Additional interactive webinars taught by experts from across the United States and Canada will be presented over several months and cover a wide range of topics relevant to anyone interested in developing and maintaining sustainable landscapes. In Season 2, the series looks deeply at aspects of ecological landscape design, native edible plants, invasive plant management, water management, among other topics.

Webinars geared towards the gardener and landowner audience are free to all viewers. Webinars presented for the professional landscape audience are available affordably to non-ELA members at $10.00 per webinar. All webinars, both live and archived, are free to ELA Members as a benefit of membership.

Find the complete webinar list and schedule on either the ELA Events page, or Webinars page on the ELA website. The series is continuing to be developed; more webinar titles will be added in the coming weeks. Check periodically for new offerings.