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A Edible and Living Wall in the City

by Ted Chapman

In a residential neighborhood outside of Boston, Ted Chapman has created his own version of “living walls” that are both ornamental and edible.

Ted Chapman Living WallThe south-facing wall of windows provides passive heat for the house in winter. The two-story living wall provides shading in the summer and fall as the low sun angle increases penetration of sunlight.

Two hardy kiwi (Actinidia arguta) aggressively climb to the second story and across the wall. Pruned back each winter to the scaffold, the new growth drapes the windows and provides pounds of delicious fruit each fall.

The grape arbor extends 12 feet in front of the ground floor, shading the terrace and ground floor. The grape harvest is an added benefit.
Both the kiwi and grapes are planted in the ground, and, other than pruning, require little maintenance.

About the Author

Ted chapman is a landscape designer focusing on edible landscapes. Sustainability and energy efficiency are hallmarks of his property. Using a Permaculture model, Ted began designing this edible landscape in 1983. The mature plantings are both beautiful and productive, and are a testament to sustainable management practices.