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Gleanings from Headline News – June 2019

World Plant Survey Reveals Alarming Rate of Extinction

A survey of more than 330,000 of the world’s seed-bearing plants reveals that they have been disappearing at a rate of nearly three species a year since 1900, which is up to 500 times higher than would be expected as a result of natural forces alone. Read more in Nature.

Why Is Going Green So Hard? Because Our System Isn’t Green

If environmental solutions aren’t systemic, living green will always mean going against the grain and usually failing. Read more at Otherwords.

Five DEET-Free Ways to Protect Against Bugs

If you are looking for an alternative to bug spray with DEET, find out about the efficacy of a few alternatives now on the market. Read more in Sierra.

Why You Shouldn’t Let Your Dog Pee on Green Infrastructure

Urban green infrastructure installations reduce pollution in runoff after it rains, but letting your dog pee on them lowers the benefits provided by the soil microbes and plants. Find out more in Forbes.

The Resilient Forest

The Resilient Forest Series combines articles, films, and audio podcasts to explore the relationships and traditions that helped keep northeastern forests intact. Read more at Northern Woodlands.

Celebrate Pollinator Week

Monday, June 17 is the beginning of Pollinator Week. Celebrate at an event near you, or create your own activity to celebrate pollinators and all they do! Find more at

Pest Alert: Oak Shothole Leafminer and Oak Anthracnose

A dramatic and possibly widespread outbreak of the oak shothole leafminer (Japanagromyza viridula synonym Agromyza viridula) and oak anthracnose (Apiognomonia errabunda) has occurred this season. To date, samples and observations of the outbreak have been made in western and eastern Massachusetts, coastal Rhode Island, southern New Hampshire, eastern New York and eastern Pennsylvania. Read more at

Urban Forestry Webcast Series

Urban Forestry Today offers a free webinar series at noon EST the second Thursday of each month, and you can access archived webinars from their website. Find more information.

Growing Greener – Ecological Gardens Focus

In May, Thomas Christopher began an ongoing series of interviews with guests who are engaged with ecological issues surrounding landscapes. You can stream upcoming interviews on Wednesday evenings, 6:00-6:30 on WESU 88.1FM – June 19 with David Wolfe, June 26 with Larry Weaner, and July 3 with Margaret Roach. Read more at GardenRant. Find archived interviews with Doug Tallamy and Robert Kourik at