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Working Magic on Plants

by Kevin Richardson

Do you know that the same microbes in a compost pile that break down food scraps, lawn clippings, leaves, paper, and wood back into soil are also responsible for these same mechanisms in nature that provide all the food and protection plants need? Nobody is out spraying the forest or prairie with chemical fertilizer or pesticides, and they are doing just fine!

In fact, plants and soil depend on important relationships with these beneficial microorganisms and the dynamic interactions of their soil food web for their fertility, nutrition, growth and protection.

Fertility – Beneficial microorganisms build soil structure with aggregation and porosity. This allows air and water to reach roots in proper proportion and holds onto nutrients, which improves plant tolerance to stress and drought, while protecting the environment from detrimental run off, leaching and erosion.

Nutrition – Nutrients do not leach from the soil because beneficial microorganisms hold onto elements in their biomass. They make elements available in proper molecular forms for absorption right in the root zone, continuously releasing nutrients to the plants and reclaiming unabsorbed portions.

Growth – They invigorate root growth (mycorrhizae alone can expand root area 700%) and stimulate plant development, maximizing plant performance and potential. Plant vibrance, color and density are amplified.

Protection – Beneficial microorganisms guard plants from pests and disease by consuming all the available space and resources, physically blocking and preventing them from getting a foothold.

All our agricultural as well as horticultural and ornamental plant health care goals can be accomplished biologically, organically, and sustainably by applying beneficial microorganisms.

One way to make sure they are there, present and actively working, is to use Organic Plant Magic®. This is all-purpose organic plant food made from highly concentrated polymeric chains of carbon, the organic energy that fuels living things, and adds bells and whistles to make it a bioactive fertilizer that’s also alive with Beneficial MicroOrganisms®.

The organic plant food feeds your plants directly, with every macro, micro, and trace element plants need to perform at their maximum potential (just like you and me), and hyper stimulates Beneficial MicroOrganisms to go to work.

Beneficial MicroOrganisms grow to colonize your plants, make even more food for your plants out of the existing soil, and protect them from pests and disease – no other product feeds and protects your plants in the same application!

Organic Plant Magic is a soluble powder that is water activated. It is easy to use and can be applied diversely: Put it directly in the planting hole when installing plants. Mix it with soil when potting. Add it to water and drench the soil and roots during normal watering. Organic Plant Magic is microscopic and so ultra-fine it will even pass through drip irrigation and emitters for fertigation! You can also perform foliar sprays with it; foliar feeding is one thing science can actually do better than nature. It is 25% more effective to feed a plant through the leaves than the roots.

Organic Plant Magic will never burn your plants! So, you can’t do it wrong, you can only do it better. Apply Organic Plant Magic once or more per month based on your observations and desires for plant performance. Spoon feeding your plants will always be best, yet you can also feel free to double, triple, quadruple the application rate whenever you need or want to – to recover problem plants and soil, or give them a bigger jump during installation and maintenance, or to meet your management schedule, such as limiting the number of site visits in the Summer to just a few times in the Spring.

And it has no odor!

To find out more and to obtain a sample to try as a tool in your landscapes, visit Organic Plant Magic at the ELA Annual Conference.

About the Author

Kevin John Richardson is a managing member who directs research and development at Organic Plant Magic LLC. Kevin enjoys walking, paddling, surfing, skiing, skating, art, jokes, and ecology. Organic Plant Magic is a New England family business, who knows organic works. We are passionate about relationships and devoted to helping people, plants, and the environment by providing the best organic product to assist you successfully achieve all your organic landscaping goals. You can reach Kevin at, Kerry Richardson at, or phone (781) 834-4889.

On February 27th, Organic Plant Magic sponsors Jeff Lowenfels’ Keynote: “How Plants Eat – The Wonder of Root Biology” at the ELA Annual Conference.