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Exhibitor Profile: HerbaNatur Controls Weeds Naturally

A water-soluble herbicide that’s safe for humans, safe for pets and wildlife, and kills targeted plants in one application? Is this an ecological gardener’s dream come true? Visit HerbaNatur at Booth #313 in ELA’s Eco-Marketplace on March 8th to find out and to learn more about the company and its products.

New to the ELA Conference & Eco-Marketplace, HerbaNatur of Quebec, Canada will introduce its eco-friendly herbicide, Adios™, to ELA at this year’s Conference. Formulated to selectively control annual and perennial species with broad leaves, the product often kills the targeted plant in a single application. And, Adios™ is classified as a 25B weed control product by the USDA.

The company’s path to ecologically benign control of undesirable broadleaf plants began as a project targeting common ragweed (ambrosia artemisiifolia L.) in order to reduce levels of allergenic pollen. The result of years of research was Adios™, a salt solution that kills broad-leaved plants when the salt is absorbed by osmosis into the root system, in the same manner as a traditional herbicide.

During the fall of 2011, HerbaNatur joined Mass DOT to conduct trials using Adios™ to control a variety of species, including ragweed, mugwort, poison ivy, bittersweet, and Japanese knotweed. The trials made use of both foliar application and soil injection. Within days, plants were dead. Trials will continue in the spring.

Ragweed and mugwort thrive in the disturbed area on the side of the road.

In addition to HerbaNatur, the 2012 Eco-Marketplace will feature many companies offering services and products for the ecologically minded land care professional. Plan to learn more about HerbaNatur’s products and services and about all the exhibitors at the Marketplace on March 8th.

Ragweed and mugwort after HerbaNatur applied Adios™ as a foliar spray.

Japanese knotweed before foliar spraying and injection.

Japanese knotweed after foliar spraying and injection.