Water Quality

by Max Rome, Nick Bernat, and Lauren Valle

In precolonial times the Blackstone River was a large and ecologically-rich tidal river. As it meandered 49 miles from present day Worcester, MA to Providence, RI the Blackstone drained an area of 479 square miles and fell 450 feet. Known as Kittacuck, “great tidal river,” to the native peoples who lived along these waters, the bountiful river provided wetland habitat for native mollusks, anadromous fishes, and other important species. Continue reading

Reviewed by Tara Mitchell

The Massachusetts Watershed Coalition’s recently released Community Guide to Growing Greener provides guidance and recommendations for stormwater management and better site design. The Guide is intended for developers, designers, community boards, and others, either required to meet stormwater regulations or simply seeking to implement Low Impact Development (LID) practices. Continue reading