Living Walls

Earth Day 2013 was a special day for Trevor Smith, ELA’s VP and owner of Land Escapes. After 10 days of intense activity, six living walls designed by Trevor were unveiled Monday, April 22, on NBC’s Today Show.

The herb wall became a source for herbs during the Earth Day cooking demonstration.

When the Today Show contacted George Irwin at Green Living Technologies International (GLTi) about included living walls in their Earth Day program, Irwin turned to Trevor to design and create the six freestanding 4’ by 8’ panels that would showcase GLTi’s wall systems. Continue reading

by Trevor Smith

The concept of a garden is rising to new heights, literally, as we look up rather than down for new gardening opportunities. Referred to by many different names — vertical gardens, living walls, or green walls — this relatively new form of gardening is taking root in many locations across the globe. Continue reading