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Celebrity Rehab for Lawns and Soil

by Phil Haynes Everyone can empathize with the trauma a person must go through to withdraw from chemical dependencies, and I believe there are some real similarities with rehabilitating your lawn and soil, though not as bad as what you might see on Celebrity Rehab! Converting a lawn from traditional (chemical) care to organic care […]

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Ecological Lawn Care

Maintenance dilemmas of a modern obsession by Nick Novick A bizarre and wasteful fetish to some, a proud achievement of a caring property owner for others, our modern “boring carpet of green” has become ubiquitous, accepted, and in some circles has even achieved status as an object of envy and desire. How we have come […]

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Using Compost Tea on Turf

by Peter Schmidt Interest in making and applying Actively Aerated Compost Tea has grown tremendously in recent years, particularly in turf grass management. Many homeowners no longer wish to live in toxic environments, and many schools no longer allow the application of pesticides and petroleum-based fertilizers. Compost Tea provides a way to manage turf and […]

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Native Lawn Options for California

by Josh Fodor California has received a welcome reprieve from the drought with above average rain fall this winter. Although we may not be faced with stringent outdoor water use restrictions this summer, now is a great time to plan for future dry years, which are sure to come. Installing and establishing drought tolerant landscapes […]

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Shade Gardening as an Alternative to Lawns

By Judy Eisenberg Reprinted by permission of the author and of the Somerville Journal Growing the perfect healthy lawn free of crabgrass and weeds in shady areas requires high maintenance care, excess watering, and the use of chemicals and pesticides that are damaging to the environment. You can certainly grow your lawn organically, but consider […]

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Thoughts on Organic Lawn Care

By Roger Sturgis Organic lawns are the way to go. The “Scott’s” perfectly green, weed-free carpet should not be the pride of the neighborhood. However, it takes a confident neighbor to put up with the suburban scorn for a less-than-perfect lawn. (more…)

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Lawn Alternatives

by Elizabeth Gross The best way to create an alternative to the traditional lawn is to practice what my family calls the ‘Pluck & Chuck’ method. I hope you, too, will want to try it. (more…)

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Lawns – A Short Primer

Spring – Gypsum is used in areas where snow has been piled, where salt has been used and where people or vehicles may have cut corners or parked on the lawn during winter. Gypsum relieves soil compaction and the effects of salt by chemical binding it. It is better to use calcium chloride rather than […]

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